abt me

any pronouns
i draw with highlighters on cheap paper. it's fun.

you can use my art as a pfp if you give me proper credit, but for anything else you'd have to ask me.

stuff i like :]

> Russian Doll (Netflix), Dialtown, YTTD, WWDITS, OFF (Game), Deltarune, Agatha Christie's books...> Lovejoy, Penelope Scott, Lemon Demon, Artic Monkeys, The Happy Fits, Mitski, The Front Bottoms...

1. outerplace (2020-2021)

> 1081 and Pr3tt organize a tea party after the end of the world.

3. solar stroll (2022)

> 32 is alone and the sun is ten minutes from exploding. Gives some context to the other two games.

2. three headed snake (2022)

> Made in a tight schedule, you get to chat with O54 and see what's in her bag. It is not a snake.CW: unreality.